Meals on Wheels

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The Lions club of Wangaratta undertakes Meals on Wheels deliveries on all weekends, and public holidays, except for the last Sunday of each month when the Lions club of Glenrowan /Warby Ranges does. There are 3 delivery runs on each of Saturday and Sunday with about 14 meals each, and 7 on each week day, including most holidays- with about 10 meals each. On days when Lions are not doing the deliveries, volunteers from the community carry out the deliveries.


Lions Ray Stamp, John Houghton, Alan Benton, Bill Ahearn, Clive Pullen, sorting out who is going to do each delivery run


Often Lions partners will accompany, and assist. Here we have Lions Maurice Byrne, Clive Pullen, and Alan Benton, with Lions Lady Rhonda Stamp in the background heading off to begin deliveries.